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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!  I hope that there were great times with family and friends over the holidays.  The New Year means a fresh start and RESOLUTIONS (of course)!  Have you made the same ones that you make every year?  Work out more, eat healthier, save more money, get organized?  Those are all great things to do for the New Year, but what about adding some more for 2012?  We at The Enchanted Frog love to make every day special.  So, here are some ideas for some new and different resolutions to add.

2012 Resolutions

Throw an Un-Birthday Party

How special would you feel if someone threw you a party just for being you???  Pick three or four of the most important people in your life and then pick a random day to celebrate them.  Take this time to let them know how much they mean to you and why.  Your gesture can be as grand as a bash with decorations and cake or as simple as a cupcake and a card.  Either way, you will make their day or even their week! 
Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words and who has time to write like that much?  Keep a camera with you, even if it on your cell phone.  Be on the look out for every day happenings that may be special moments that you want to capture.  Make 2012 the year that you take pictures of it all!  Of course, don’t just upload them to your computer or a photo site and leave them.  This time next year, make a photo book of your year!  If you have children, make a copy for each of them.  Grandparents love pics of their precious grandchildren.  So, make a copy for them and you have an instant and priceless gift!
 Make a Memory, Save a Memory

This one can go hand in hand with our Picture 2012 resolution!  Keep a recipe box full of index cards handy.  When something special, sweet or otherwise memorable happens, make a note on an index card with the date.  This box can grow and grow as you make more and more memories.  Your memory box will also come in handy when you are making your photo book this time next year.  Add the memories as text in your photo book to make it even more special.

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